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Solving the transfer pricing data dilemma, what technology can we count on?
In the last few years, professionals in different fields have seen the impact of emerging technologies their everyday professional and personal lives. Tax is no exception. A few years ago, nobody imagined that processes around finance and taxation could be digitalized and automated. Although it has been one of the last finance department areas to experience the impact of the Internet of Things, it is now a priority for multinational companies to fully digitize compliance and administration processes. In this webinar, we would like to address this topic in the context of OECD Tax Administration 3.0.

Key points for discussion will include:

- The data challenge and what can we do about it

- Technology available possibilities and limitations




Brigitte Baumgartner Garcia, digital TP advisor – customer relationship development, AIBIDIA

Tapio Pitkäranta, CTO, AIBIDIA

Jan-Paul Vestering, assistant vice president, head of group transfer pricing & business models, Nestlé

Josh White, acting managing editor, ITR

Jun 24, 2021 03:00 PM in London

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Brigitte Baumgartner Garcia
Digital TP Advisor – Customer Relationship Development @Aibidia
Tapio Pitkäranta
CTO @Aibidia
Tapio Pitkäranta is leading Aibidia research and development organization to revolutionize and digitalize Transfer Pricing sector.Tapio Pitkäranta has been working two decades in the fields of applied artificial intelligence RnD in three domains: healthcare, retail and tax domain. In retail domain he has seen three hundred cloud based decision automation projects including worlds largest retailers. In healthcare sector he has participated into building one of worlds largest healthcare data lakes on public cloud that contained IT.
Jan-Paul Vestering
Assistant Vice President, Head of Group Transfer Pricing & Business Models @Nestlé
Jan-Paul Vestering joined Nestlé in 2015 and in his role he is globally responsible for all transfer pricing related matters within Nestlé and additionally he is also responsible for the centralized business models and business restructuring projects from a tax perspective. In 2007 Jan-Paul changed from profession to industry and moved to Carlsberg in Denmark to start building up the global transfer pricing area within the Carlsberg group. Prior to joining the Carlsberg Group Jan-Paul worked as a transfer pricing adviser with Ernst & Young and Arthur Andersen in the Netherlands. He started at Arthur Andersen after his graduation from the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He holds a Master of Science degree in Business Administration as well as a Master of Law degree in (international) Tax Law. Over the years, he has been deeply involved “from start to finish” in setting up centralized procurement structures and in designing and implementing various types of centralized